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Pre-Planned Funerals

More and more people are making their funeral arrangements in advance.

They believe the best time to make decisions is when there is no pressure and stress, and that such arrangements will make matters easier for their families when the time comes.


There are two ways to prearrange a funeral. One is simply to detail all the arrangements as you wish them to be carried out. They will be documented and filed until needed with the funeral costs being met at the time services are provided. Read about the Online Personal Record:

The second method is to prearrange and prepay for the funeral at today's prices, taking the later cost burden away from the family.

Money for prepaid funerals is capital guaranteed with bonuses declared annually. Investment earnings are not subject to income tax, nor is the full value of the bond considered for the aged pension assets test.

When a prepaid funeral plan is arranged, both the customer and the funeral director receive a numbered Bond Certificate as a permanent record of the transaction.

The prepaid funeral plans offered by Horsham & District Funerals are backed by trust funds such as Forresters Friendly Society, Australian Unity, Lifeplan Funeral Bonds or the Catholic Diocese of Ballarat's Funeral Fund. All comply with the provisions of the Funerals (Prepaid Money) Act 1993.

Feel free to discuss prearranged funerals with Bill and Heather Pitman at the Horsham & District Funerals office any time, or arrangements can be made for us to visit you at your home.